Monday, May 25, 2009

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Essay and Debate Competition

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On 25 April 2009, ACF conducted Essay and Debate Competition. The participants of this activity were high school students and teachers from East and North Jakarta. The activity is aimed to engage school students and teachers in DRR issues and enhance the awareness level of students about the importance of community initiatives in DRR, especially school-based communities. As the panelists for this competition, ACF invited Mr. Del Afriadi Bustami from LIPI, Mrs. Hidayati from Center of Curriculum DEPDIKNAS, Ms. Martha Warta Silaban from Tempo Magazine, and Mr. Martius Marzuki drom DRR Program ACF-Indonesia.

The participants were selected through selection process. On 12 March 2009, ACF announced Essay and Debate Competition to schools and request schools to send their writings with the theme: ‘My School is ready to confront flood’. From 12 schools that sent their writings, ACF chose 9 schools as nominees to present their presentations on 25 April 2009.

The 9 nominees are:
Team 1
SMAN 113 Jakarta
‘Indahnya Sekolah Tanpa Banjir’
Team 2
SMAN 11 Jakarta
‘Permasalahan Banjir di SMAN 11 dan Lingkungan Sekitarnya serta Upaya Mengatasinya’
Team 3
SMAN 13 Jakarta
’Sekolah Kami Siap Menghadapi Banjir’
Team 4
SMAN 111
’Sandal Jepitku Mengapung Lagi’
Team 5
SMAN 62 Jakarta
’Banjir Datang, Siap Dihadang!’
Team 6.
SMAN 89 Jakarta
‘Banjir? Siapa Takut!’
Team 7.
SMAN 11 Jakarta
’Ancaman Banjir di Sekolah? Bisa Ditanggulangi koq!’
Team 8.
SMKN 52 Jakarta
’Gerakan Menghadapi Banjir’
Team 9.
SMAN 62 Jakarta
’Banjir Membawa Berkah’

The activity conducted in Alia Hotel, Cikini starting from 09.00 am to 04.30 pm. Each team presented their presentation in a very good way. The panelists also showed their enthusiasms by raising a lot of questions and advising to each nominee to explor their understanding about flood disaster and school capacity in flood preparedness.

Based on substances of writing and presentation, debate process, and presentation skill in delivering the messages, the winners are:
1st winner : SMKN 52 Jakarta (‘Gerakan Menghadapi Banjir’)
2nd winner : SMAN 26 Jakarta (‘Banjir Membawa Berkah’)
3rd winner : SMAN 11 Jakarta (‘Permasalahan Banjir di SMAN 11 dan Lingkungan Sekitarnya serta Upaya Mengatasinya’

Congratulations for the winners and the nominees. Hopefully they can keep up their achievement and increase school and community’s awareness around them about flood disaster preparedness!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


(Baca Versi Bahasa Indonesia)


Dengue and Chikunguya
From the end of March till the beginning of April, Chikunguya and Denque striked people in Kelurahan Sumberdukun, Kecamatan NGariboyo, and Kabupaten Magetan. Five were reported to be suffering from Dengue and Thirty from Chikunguya Five death were reported in Central Kalimantan from dengue during the first 3 months of 2009. Main factor that caused dengue was found to be lack of awareness in health and hygiene. The Puskesmas (health department) of Kelurahan Sumberdukun is carrying out fogging activities to address the problem.

Singapore Flu
Singapore Flu is the current Health hazard. The symptoms are quite similar to the common flu i.e., fever with ulcer, red spots on palm and feet. On April 15, it was reported that 8 children under 5 years of age suffered from this disease. According to the Health Department of DKI Jakarta, this disease is infectious. Singapore Flu is spreading through people who are coming back to Indonesia after travelling. It spreads really fast with 7 days incubation period by direct contact, air, saliva, urine, and feces. The most vulnerable group can be categorized as the infants (less than 1 year), children suffering from asthma, people with derivative heart disorder, people who are undergoing treatment for cancer, people who are suffering from diabetics and elderly citizens. Herdiman T Pohan, the Head of Tropical and Infectional Division in Internist Department of University of Indonesia -Cipto Mangunkusumo Public Hospital has advised that the vulnerable communities have to avoid contact with the objects.

Since 13th of April 2009, 858 people suffered from Diarrhea in West Nusa Tenggara. 171 of them are undergoing treatment and 3 of them died. The outbreak occurs along the rivers flows.It is basically happening due to lack of precaution among residents on drinking water. Residents are habituated in drinking water without boiling.

Two earthquakes of magnitude 5.3 Richter scale occurred in Mentawai Island, West Sumatra on Friday morning (17th April 2009). The day before, an earthquake of magnitude a 6 Richter scale had struck Mentawai Island. People are quite worried about the occurrence of tsunami on the coastal areas. The Indonesian Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency (BADAN METEOROLOGI KLIMATOLOGI DAN GEOFISIKA or, BMKG) said the earthquake did not cause a tsunami. No casualties reported so far.

On April 15, 2009, the Jakarta Post had reported the flood that submerged hundreds of houses in six districts across Indragiri Hulu regency, Riau. It has now spread to two more districts. The water level of Lala River is also increasing now. It is affecting Pasir Penyu district after inundating Batang Cenaku, Batang Gangsal, Seberida, Kelayang, Peranap and Batang Peranap districts. More than 800 houses accommodating around 550 families are submerged. Flood water has reached around 85 centimeters and submerged 340 hectares of agricultural land and 20 fish farms.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Press Review for February 2008

(Baca Versi Bahasa Indonesia)

East Java once again hit by flood. Flood in Pasuruan paralyze train route. In Situbondo by February 11th, death toll has reached 11 people. Solo was flooded also, a massive rain causing 3 sub district were flooded. Flood in Jakarta were damaging infrastructure. Access to airport was disconnected. In Tangerang, flood point was expanding. Massive rainfall and misuse of water absorbing area in upstream was predicted to be the cause. In Bekasi, 700 houses were flooded up to 75 – 100 meter high. Hundreds of communities in Ogan Komering Ulu, South Sumatera were isolated as the flood has disconnected transportation access. The Musi River was overflow, flooding hundreds of houses in Gandus sub district, South Sumatera. Eleven people in NTT was died due to the flood happened from January to February 23rd.

Landslide has killed 8 people in Danau Paris sub district, NAD. Landslide happened around 2.30 am when most of people were sleeping. Meanwhile, according to Center of Vulcanology and Geology Disaster Mitigation, Departement of Energy and Mineral Resources, thousand of land movement prone zone in 106 districts/cities were detected during February 2008. Wesr Java, East Java, and Central Java have the biggest portion among all.

A 7.3 RS earthquake shake Simeulue on Wednesday February 20th 2008, destroying hundreds of houses including houses that were built by BRR NAD-Nias. On Monday February 25th 2008, a 7.2 RS earthquake shake Muko muko district, Bengkulu. Traumatized communities were running to the hill. Two days after, a 7.2 RS shake Mentawai Island, killed 2 people.

Dengue attack in NTT killed 3 children and hospitalized other 198 people. In Yogyakarta, 124 people were infected by dengue and hospitalized during January –February 10th. Dengue was also attacks North Jakarta and Tangerang. Avian Influenza has become endemic in 3 sub district in Bekasi City. City government of Central Jakarta has eradicate 22 birds on February 6th 2008 while in East Jakarta 1.274 birds were eradicated following the death of 1 AI patient in the area. Regular inspection was still conducted in other area of Jakarta. AI was also spread in Tegal. Chikunguya attack 19 people in Purwakarta and 92 people in Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta. In South Kalimantan, 54 people infected by Malaria, 2 of them died.

Storm was still appearing some areas. Martapura, South Kalimantan was hit bu storm on February 7th. Storm in Semarang, Central Java on February 10th destroyed 3 houses. Cilacap was also hit by storm in February 9th, killed 1 person. In Makasar, storm on February 15th – 17th destroys 150 houses.

International news, a big earthquake shakes Kongo and Rwanda, killed at least 35 people, the number were then increased to 38 death toll by Monday February 4th 2008. Tornado hit USA and killed 55 people.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

ECHO Visit

(Baca Versi Bahasa Indonesia)

On the last 2 days, February 19th – 20th 2008, Ezter Nemeth and Linda Rupidara representing dipecho, took a site visit to the 3 intervention area of ACF-DIPECHO program. This is the second time dipecho took a site visit. The first one was conducted on May 2007.On day 1, the destination is Cipinang Besar Utara. The group met head of Lurah CBU to discuss the progress of Satlinmas and emergency stock. Meeting with Kelurahan legislative discuss early warning system, evacuation route, composting activity, and participatory activity conducted in community.

On day 2, Wednesday February 20th 2008, the destination is Kampung Melayu. Meeting with Sister Lya from Santa Maria is the opening. Sister Lya explains the role of Santa Maria as temporary evacuation site for Kampung Melayu citizen. Activity was then continued to Kampung Pulo area. The group met women group of RT 10 which are now conducting composting program, FKPPubers discussing several ACF training they have attended. The visit was ended on Kelurahan Kampung Melayu office. In kelurahan office, not only vice of Lurah is there, principle of SD 01 (elementary school) and representative of Penjaringan were also there. Due to limited time, a visit to Penjaringan cannot take place. As return, representatives of Penjaringan were invited to come to Kampung Melayu and have a joint meeting.

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